Tried this last night:
1. Ridge Zin Blasi ChalkHill/SonomaCnty (15.3%; 20 brls; > 100 yr old vines; Drk: 8/16-8/21: JO; 2.5% water addition)
: Med.dark color; strong vanilla/Am.oak/toasted coconut/ZagNutBar strong raspberry/blackberry/Zin/slight spicy some earthy/loamy pleasant enough nose; rather soft/fat bit dilute strong Am.oak/vanilla/ZagNut some raspberry/blackberry/Zin some earthy/loamy flavor w/ light soft/ripe tannins; med.long rather soft/fat strong Am.oak/vanilla/ZagNut light raspberry/blackberry/Zin finish w/ light soft tannins; a pleasant enough classic Ridge Zin but rather soft/fat/mushy lacking structure and little dusty/OV character and a bit on the dull side; not a distinctive Ridge Zin and only a small step above EastBench or 3Vllys. $35.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This is a new vnyd-designate Zin for Ridge. I had high hopes for this wine. Not very distinctive and a real let-down. Don't see anything to suggest it will dramatically improve w/ age.