2005 David Coffaro Aca Modot

With 5 Spice Duck Breast (leftover from our holiday party) and spinach from Pat's garden, harvested about 3 hours before she sautéed it (let's hear it for frost covers!). I posted a note on this wine in May, but it was better tonight (and not bad back then). Ripe red fruits on the nose with just a hint of spice. Smooth, polished tannins, great acidity and still lovely ripe fruit. Intense red berry fruits with a hint of dark chocolate and spice. Lovely balance and it paired with the duck beautifully. The finish is long and lovely -- the fruit is a bit brighter on the finish than a few months ago. I couldn't imagine it getting better than it was in May, but it might be just that smidge better now -- perhaps it was the food. 14.1% ABV. 64% Cabernet, 14% Cab Franc, 14% Merlot, and 8% Petite Verdot. Sealed under screwcap. A

The Aca Modot just always seems to improve with age. Many of Dave's wines do -- screwcaps don't seem to be a hindrance.