Belluard, Dominique
Savoie, France
Vin de Savoie
Le Feu
Somewhat naturally brownish tint to the otherwise deep golden straw color, translucent block but not without surface shine, squats as firmly in the glass as most white wine can. The nose is smoky and sandy while there's also a caramel to dough element that sweetens it up at first, herbaceous to the point of bell pepper with pickle brine accents as well, fruitiness not even something you think of here, apple and pear skin at best. Medium-bodied, quite firm and almost turns its cheek to you in conversation. Smokier here with a more metallic cast amidst the sand, stone. Some brine but not as pronounced as in the nose. The acidity comes off as a back alley brawler. Having no experience with aged Gringet, not sure if it's shut down, passing prime or supposed to be standoffish. Lots of personality though.
88 points