New Glarus Brewing Company
Thumbprint Cherry Stout
Fruit/Vegetable Beer
12oz, 4-Pack
Airy two finger head, full tan hue, uneven surface, retention is about average, not a lot of lacing but what is there is thick with good length. The liquid is murky at its core but becomes more transparent at the glass bottom and top, yellowish tint at the edges, larger bubbles strive to form beads. The sour cherry comes through clearly in the nose, more general maltiness than chocolate, can feel slightly vinous at times, touch of lemon spritz, underlying yeastiness, good focus if not overly complex. Medium-bodied, sour and more vinous here for sure, the oak barrel treatment more overt. Still, nicely balanced and that cherry fruit shines brightly for all to see. Bready, gives it a danish character at times, anise flavored biscotti, reduces the roastiness some. That said, has the foundational maltiness to not seem misnamed as a stout in the grand scheme of things. Ginger root, can be close to cola at times. Carbonation more tightly wound than longlasting. Chocolate most pronounced retronasally. Given its ability to thrust forward suddenly the sourness is a calming effect.
4 out of 5