Spellbound Brewing
American Porter
New Jersey
12oz, 6-Pack
Healthy two finger head, passes from tan to brown, mostly even surfaced with a few scattered big pock marks, retention is very good, lacing tends to form one wide ring around wherever the top edge of the head was before the glass was tilted. Very dark brown liquid that just falls short of black, you can see a lot of heavy particulate suspended inside, steady stream of loosely aggregated bubbles swirling upwards. Very chocolaty with fresh milk notes, if there was a "milk porter" category this would be it, even the roast seems sweet, mild black licorice, scone bread, never seems to quite capture "coffee" but close, there appears to be some hops in the background which stiffen the feel more than present distinct aromas. Medium-bodied, drier here and faster paced, American roast coffee, cocoa powder, coconut flakes and pie crust. The carbonation is above average and adds to the forward momentum. Here too you get hops and quinine in the background, fuels the smokiness. Distinct lack of any fruit flavors. Very clear on the message it wants to relay and delivers on its promises, high drinkability.
5 out of 5