This an interesting Barolo in three ways:

- Bersano is bottling "The Vineyards of Terre del Barolo". Terre del Barolo is the big barolo coop which has been bottling on its own since at least the early 60's and probably long before that. Why they needed Bersano to bottle and sell it, I'm not sure. Maybe a distribution deal. Maybe since it was a bad year they needed help unloading it.But what a blend that must have been as Terre del Barolo has vineyards in every cranny of Barolo.
- This is bottle number 263705. I'm always amazed to see such large bottle counts on barolos. I've seen another like this where the bottle number ran in the 6 digits.
- It's listed as "one pint and 8 1/3 fluid ounces". I've never seen such a description. Maybe this is for a UK market?


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