Tried this as a mystery wine last week:
1. Bebame ElDoradoCnty RW (13%; 65% CabFranc/35% GamayNoir) AH Wines/FairPlay 2008: Med.dark color; bit tired rather herbal/CabFranc some ElD mushroomy/earthy bit of oldBdx haymow light/interesting/complex nose; tart bit tired/dried out light herbal/CabFranc/haymow fairly earthy/mushroomy/ElDCnty flavor w/ light bit drying tannins; long somewhat haymow/herbal/CabFranc rather dusty/mushroomy/ElDCnty bit tired finish w/ light bit drying tannins; showing a bit of tired/old fruit but speaks quietly of CabFranc; rather interesting light-weight red.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This was a special one-off blend that SteveEdmunds made for his WashState distributor. It was a pretty juicy/tasty CabFranc in its youth, but clearly its youthful days have passed, as it is for most of us.