We tried this dessert wine last night:
1. OjaiVnyd Viognier Calif RollRanch (6 brls; 10.0%) 2005: Dark brown/light PX color; strong pruney/raisened some funky/dishwater some late hrvsty actually rather interesting nose; soft quite sweet rather raisened/passito-like bit earthy fairly complex flavor; very long rather raisened/passito slight oxidized/bitter quite sweet finish; much like an old Italian passito w/o the muscat character; actually a rather interesting dessert wine along the lines of a light PX.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. If memory serves, this wine was a refrigerator ice wine. It was much darker and advanced in age than a 2005 dessert wine should be. When I opened this, the cork crumbled into a thousand little pieces. My guess is that this was a flawed cork that allowed a significant O2 ingress. The high RS level (10%?) probably prevented this wine from turning into an oxidized mess.