Spencer Brewery, The
Monks' Reserve Ale
Quadrupel (Quad)
11.2oz, 4-Pack
Modest one finger foam, dark tan with a nicely even surface, retention is ehh but not horrible, does manage to create lengthy, unbroken thin streaks of lacing. Clean on the whole with a bit more silt at the end of the pour, the liquid is a mahogany brown, touch of orange rust at the edges, lots of visible bubbles just below the surface. The nose is steady and unexaggerated, quite nutty with molasses, dark chocolate to toffee notes, modicum of challah bread, fig, golden raisin to cherry fruit scents, doesn't seem to strive to layer on the sweetness, medium level nostril length, unforced. Light-bodied in the context of the style and the high level of carbonation keeps it fluffy and churning up to the roof of your mouth. Drier here than expected, the nuts more knit into the whole, cola bean, pine, dark chocolate, cafe au lait, chicory, metallic earth, does have a sour if not quite bitter aspect. Grains seem more raw and unprocessed than bready, doughy. Fig and cherry, blackberry, nothing close to the concentrated sugars of dates or prunes. The dryness impedes length on the finish. Easy to consume and about as close as a quad might get to a dinner table beer.
3 out of 5