Boxler, Albert
Alsace, France
Deepening gold color, shines well in spite of its generally darker hue, some loss around the rims. Big nose that has more heft and resonance than distinct scents, obligatory rubber notes then mint, orange peel with a touch of lime, inert pear, apricot to apple fruit scents, if allowed to warm there's a light brush of jalapeņo pepper. Full-bodied, blockish and noticeably short on the finish. The main flavors are there, that rubber to diesel with a good mix of orange, lime to pink grapefruit citrus bringing both sweetness and sourness. More by way of wet stone and stream water, whisper of honey. At times acts like it might throw a pinch of baking spices at you. Oddly taciturn, even for an entry level bottling there is a chance it's shut down.
87 points