Heymann-Lowenstein, Weingut
Mosel Saar Ruwer, Germany
QbA Trocken Schieferterrassen AP #6
Darker golden color makes it look a little older than it is, this richness does not sap the sparkle out of the surface, likewise pools deeply into the glass. Muscularly forceful nose of warm rubber, lanolin, honey, orange marmalade, and pine needles, lighter notes of lactose, tropical edge in the pineapple, papaya fruit scents overshadows plainer apricot, peach notes, lengthy presence. Full-bodied and while it has grip and traction enough to count as "trocken" in a textural sense the flavors are voluptuously expressive. Pink grapefruit, tangerine to lime citrus sets it all off and leads smoothly into that pineapple, mango, nectarine, kiwi and passion fruit flavors. Whipped cream, vanilla bean soften the angles further, the rubber accents in turn support a rounder feel. Luckily the finish sees an increase in slate and mineral flavors for balance. Big and boisterous and sometimes misses a step, but fun all the way. (Screwcap)
90 points