Tried this last night w/ our Tart l'Alsacienne:
1. Veyder-Malberg GrunerVeltliner Wosendorfer Hochrain Wachau (13.1%; RS: 0.10%;; CircoVino/Tuscon) Spitz/Wachau 2015: Med.dark gold color; very strong GV/white pepper/floral/carnations slight valve oil some mineral/stony quite aromatic/perfumed bit complex nose; somewhat tart/tangy fairly rich/lush rather spicy/GV/white pepper/floral/carnations/rose very light chalky/mineral/bit metallic attractive flavor; med.short strong perfumed GV/white pepper/carnations/spicy light stony/chalky lush/textured finish; quite an attractive smargd-level GV that finishes a bit short and grossly overpriced at $80.00 (AV)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I took a flyer on this wine ystrday. I was stupid. I'd seen this producer's label up in Boulder several times over the last yr, but was hesitant to spring for one because of the price (high-$60's). But saw it here in NM on the shelf for the first time. "Aww...what the heck". I was stupid. The wine is a very good example of smargd-level GV. But it's only one small step above the level of the basic IngridGroiss GV and not even at the level of her vnyd-designate GV's, which are less than half the price. It's nothing profound and I will not revisit this producer again when there are many better ones out there at a fraction of this price. Did I mention that I was stupid??

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