Saw this on the shelf ystrday & had not yet tried it...soooo..
1. Jaffurs Viognier BienNacidoVnyd/SantaBarbaraCnty (13.5%; SantaBarbara 2016: Med.yellow color; attractive fragrant Viog/pear/peach bit spicy/nutmeg light chalky quite nice nose; lightly tart bright/spicy/Viog/peach/pear a bit light slight chalky flavor; med.long bright/Viog/pear/peach slight nutmeg/spicy finish; rather on the light side for Jaffurs Viog and way far away from DollyParton territory; a rather pleasant Viog, but just that; a bit disappointing for a Jaffurs but it may put on weight as it ages. $28.00
No BloodyPulpit today.