After reading the recent article on SutterHome/TrincheroEstate's rise to power, I pledged to revisit SutterHome's wines, after I'd blown them off yrs ago. The basic Chard seemed like an obvious choice to start with. So, last night, I took one for the team:
1. Folie a Deux/Sonoma Chard RRV/SonomaCnty (14.1%; L0455710-6; StHelena/Napa 2015: Med.light yellow color; light lemony/melony/Chard very light pencilly/vanilla/oak rather simple/innocuous nose; somewhat tart/tangy very light lemony/melony/Chard slight RS (< 0.5%?) slight metallic/bitter innocuous flavor; med.short light melony/Chard/lemony very light vanilla/oak finish w. a light metallic/bitter aftertaste; a rather simple/immasculated commodity wine that speaks of Chard w/ a whisper and nothing of RRV. $16.00 (SFW&S)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. From their WebSite on the winemaker, DomenicaTotty:
Domenica crafts the Folie ŕ Deux collection with an eye toward capturing each varietal in its truest form and translating the unmatched terroir of Sonoma County’s unique appellations.
The wine was not bad,per se. It had a decent acidity. It did not speak of a ripeness that 14.1% would suggest. It did speak (quietly) of Chard. But it was just simply borrrring. You can walk into any TraderJoe's in this GreatNation and find a btl of Chard at half the price w/ far more character.
So, I'll try the SutterHome Calif Zin (if I can find one, maybe at a QuikStop or Smith's grocery store), but I'm not man enough to take on the SH WhiteZin. After that, the team can shift for itself.