Cracked this wine Mon night w/ dinner:
1. Carlisle TheDerivative f'(x) (13.8%; Plntd: 1886-1920; 45% Semillon + 33% Muscadelle/22% Palomino; 410 cs) Windsor 2014: Light gold color; very strong figgy/waxy/Semillon spicy/graham cracker/fresh bread light floral/Muscadelle very aromatic lovely nose; lightly tart/tangy/grapefruity strong Semillon/figgy/waxy some stony/chalky bit graham cracker/yeasty/fresh bread light floral/apple blossom bit complex quite lovely flavor; very long/lingering some tart/tangy light chalky/stony strong Semillon/waxy/figgy slight yeasty/fresh bread light floral/Muscadelle/apple blossom lovely flavor; starting to show a bit of evolution but will go another 4-8 yrs. $27.20
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I hadn't had this wine in over year and I was impressed. It has a brisk acidity but is starting to put on some weight and developing lovely aromatics. Beautiful stuff.
Now that Mike no longer gets the MonteRosso Semillon, the base for this wine, I wonder what will happen to the Derivative?