Usually, I find the WineTerroirist site a good source of interesting wine articles to read. Not so in this instance.
Today they linked to the GoodVitis blog by Aaron Menenberg titled "An Epic Five Days in Napa:
EpicFiveDays describing his first visit to TheNapaVlly.
I would highly recommend reading this article if you want a good laugh. But don't waste much time on it. I wasted about 30 minutes of my life that I'll never recover.
As best I can guess, the NapaVllyVintners must have flown Aaron in for a grand tour of all the tourist destination wineries with the hope/expectation that he would go back home to Virginia and write a puff piece on the NapaVlly for his blog. Which I gather what happened.
Envision a rookie reporter for the AtchisonGlobe being flown for the first time to NewYorkCity and being shown the TrumpTower and being told this is the essence of NYC; now go home and write a travel article on NYC to flush more tourists our way.
Anyway, it's rare that I read an article for 30 min in which I learn nothing. But once I was hooked on the naivete of the article, I couldn't stop laughing nor put the article down.
Like I said, take a glance, but don't waste much time on it.

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