Union Craft Brewing
Rye-Baby IPA
Rye Beer
12oz, 6-Pack
Yields two to three fingers of tan foam, the even surface riddled with bubbles of varying sizes resulting in pockmarks, otherwise retention is above average and the lacing forms extended streaks with excellent stickiness. The haziness is light enough to allow you to see through it decently, coppery orange-brown colored liquid, tiny bubbles move super slowly towards the surface, like watching film at the wrong speed. The rye is omnipresent in the nose yet does not bring cutting bite, more driven by chocolate, cocoa, remarkably clean and gentle for all the heaviness in the nostrils, green grape, red berry to apricot fruit scents, mandarin orange round it out, admirable overall integration. Full-bodied, bottom heavy without getting anchored in place. The carbonation adds more softer fluff than prickle, no scrubbing sensations. Intriguing fruit flavors of honeydew melon and watermelon keep coming to the fore, then grape, apricot, cherry. Mocha and caramel also play a role, overall though not excessively sweet while the texture is not drying either. Inconsistent pepperiness and spice, finishes on a piney note. Very interesting assemblage but the heaviness likely would restrict you to no more than two in a sitting.
4 out of 5