Evil Genius Beer Company
Ma! The Meatloaf! Mango Wit Ale (Ale With Natural Flavor Added)
12oz, 6-Pack
Finger worth of bright white foam, dazzling, fairly even surface, retention is so-so, retention is about what you'd expect, same for the lacing, wispy and thin streaks. Shiny golden liquid, too darker than expected while perfectly clear, the bubbles are widely spread but active. Taut, grainy nose, pretzel dough, salt and pepper, something smells "adjuncty," the mango is not faint, however, woven into the whole rather than the soloist, mild mandarin orange notes, overall has a sour vinous quality, not exactly offputting but does tend to push against you. Medium-bodied, much smoother in the mouth, clove spice, white pepper, cracked wheat and sour orange to lemon citrus imbue it with good energy. Corn syrup, molasses accents sweeten the mid-palate and extend textural presence. As in the nose the mango is faint and there as much by power of suggestion as immediate flavor. Maybe some apple or peach in supplement, at moments suggests banana. Good drinkability, just can't help feeling a little disappointed based solely on what you thought you were getting rather than what you got.
3 out of 5