Paradox Beer Company
Cafe Verdad (Dark Ale Brewed With Coffee, Aged In Oak Barrels) (2015)
American Wild Ale
16.9oz, Single
The head sizzles like a well full of snakes, although crests close to two fingers it's all gone in just a few seconds, barely leaving anything across the surface and there's zero lacing as well. The liquid is a lightly translucent brown with a yellowish aura, you don't see any bubbles until they are just about to break the surface. The coffee, dark chocolate note come close to exploding out of the glass, cinnamon, chili peppers next with a decided vinous and sour oak demeanor, black grapes, sour cherries, there's a meadowy grassiness in there too with dry earthiness but basically nothing is close to challenging the coffee roast. Medium-bodied, smooth and fluid in a very sour manner, doesn't get you puckered up. Here all the acidity and the oak residue can meet the coffee and bittersweet dark chocolate head on. Albeit the coffee char probably has not lost any power, just met an equal. Cherry, blackberry, apple fruit flavors, keenly edged. The chili pepper aspect more tame here. There's a lot going on here and it's not unreasonable to expect it all to run amok but in the final analysis it hangs together well.
4 out of 5