Right Proper Brewing Co.
Raised By Wolves (Dry-Hopped Pale Ale)
American Pale Ale
District of Columbia
12oz, 6-Pack
Healthy two finger head with a few islands of large bubbles which crater when they pop, decent density helps retention, just off white but still plenty bright, very wide streaks of lacing with great stickiness. Cloudy deep gold color bordering on coppery, can't see through it at all, tiny bubbles only visible sliding up the sides of the glass. Drying nose presence, close to sandpapery, loaded with orange to white grapefruit pith, cracker and pretzel dough, peppery with supplementary pine tar, the pineapple, mango to peach fruit scents tightly coiled and short lived, overall muscular with minimal subtlety. Medium-bodied, extremely firm and dry mouth feel, just sucks all the moisture out. Carbonation has a steady pinpoint prickle to it. Earthier here with minerals and tar, no funkiness and on the whole not that bitter. Just very, very dry. Grainy, bread crusts more than any dough or yeast. Tangerine, orange citrus one of the bigger elements. Inconsistent florality but at least there's something. The peach, apricot, papaya fruit fares a little better here, particularly when warming. Clean and close to refreshing but you should be a fan of super dry beers.
3 out of 5