Commonwealth Brewing Co.
Marshmallow Eyes India Pale Ale
American IPA
16oz, Single
An aggressive pour yields barely half a finger of loose pure white foam, minimal retention as it swiftly becomes a thin dusting across the surface, the lacing streaks start out surprisingly broad but lack stickiness. Extremely hazy liquid, all but fully opaque, looks like pulpless orange juice, some random bubbles of decent size can be seen breaking the surface. Citrus dominated nose of tangerine, lemon to white grapefruit yet still soft for it, more soaking in than lift, solid burst of salt, pepper and pretzel dough as well asphalt tar, the peach and apricot fruit scents are ripe but lack staying power, more earthy than herbaceous. Full-bodied with a pronounced creamy texture, not quite "marshmallow" but orange creamsicle or sherbet level. Again, the orange, tangerine, grapefruit citrus leads, more pine, lemongrass and honey notes here, the tarriness more knit into the whole. Apricot, peach, nectarine base and a quick jolt of pineapple. There is a marshmallow to whipped cream touch retronasally after you swallow. Carbonation level is decent to weak and overall the beer is too heavy to be refreshing. That said, it's fairly clean and free of dankness and not as sweet as it might be.
3 out of 5