Amherst Brewing
Jess IPA
American IPA
16oz, 4-Pack
Nice 2-3 finger head with a broad array of larger bubbles popping across the surface causing dimples, fairly openly knit frothy, cream white in hue, very good retention and leaves a thin band around the glass at the dissolve starting point. Mildly hazy copper orange colored liquid, you can see a fine particulate suspended in the glass, the bubbles have average activity and tend to cling near the glass sides. The nose puts a focus on the tangerine, orange citrus yet this steadily fades in favor of damp leafy matter, pine tar and rock salt, plenty of juiciness in the nectarine, peach, mango, papaya fruit scents, dankness does not take the fun out of it, some bread crusts and light touch of pretzel dough. Medium-bodied, big creamy initial foaminess fills the mouth but there's no "bottom" to carry it further. On the sweet side, concentrated and sugary quality to the apricot, peach, guava, pear fruit. The pink grapefruit, tangelo citrus likewise sweet and latches onto the caramel element. The herbaceousness steps back some. So, here it is biscuit and bread crust which gives it spine and there is also a nice pepper/salt mix, something like basil leaf. High degree of drinkability.
4 out of 5