Two Ton Brewing
Brute Squad (The Two Ton Anniversary Barleywine Ale)
American Barleywine
New Jersey
22oz, Single
Average pour fills half the glass with airy foam, life a souffle, eggshell white in color, retention is good plus, any lacing like random clouds on a sunny day. Coppery orange hued liquid, clean and transparent, multiple streams of fat bubbles rising to reenergize the head. Nose has a metallic edge to it, kind of green and herbaceous as well, pulped lemons, not plush nor layered as one might expect, more day old bread crusts than scone or fruitcake, noticeable lack of fruit presence overall, not necessarily unpleasant but nothing to keep you interested. Medium-bodied and here too lacking in the richer layering desired of the style. More bitter than sweet with a foundation of grass, poor metallic dirt, charcoal and quinine. Lemon husks, spent yeast and more bread crusts, mutter of clove and ginger. Carbonation does create a foamy feel which softens the overall profile. Weak cherry, plum to apricot fruit, too dry for any extended presence. Not something you'd want to revisit.
2 out of 5

Edited by Marc Hanes (02-25-2018 17:31:51)