AleSmith Brewing Company
Private Stock Ale Imperial English-Style Ale (2017 Vintage Series)
Old Ale
25.4oz, Single
Tops out at around a finger of dark tan foam, full mix of bubble sizes across the surface but not much dimpling, retention is average, thin dusting coats the glass sides which slowly form archipelagos rather than streaks. The liquid is squeaky clean and coppery orange to brown in hue, consistent throughout, very modest amount of lonely bubbles here and there. Relaxed layers of fruitcake, nuts, chocolate, vanilla bean, graham cracker, honey and licorice, basically everything sweet and good, the plum, maraschino cherry to fig fruit actually able to add erectness, for all that it lays on you doesn't get heavy. Full-bodied, foamy initial mouth feel which moderates into a more velvety texture. Grains, tea leaf, vanilla and milk chocolate you left in your pocket, licorice, spiced orange peel, virtual replica of the nose. Manages the alcohol well, no burn and only mild drying sensations. On the whole it's not oppressively sweet and nimble for its girth. Figs, dates, candied cherry and raspberry fruit, registering these flavors actually call the booziness to the fore. While you could excuse it as tactful the finish trails off prematurely. Very good but needs to have the flavors resonate and soak in more.
4 out of 5