Commonwealth Brewing Co.
Black Is The New Green Black India Pale Ale
American IPA
16oz, Single
Close to two fingers of fairly dense foam, some bigger dimples, however, retention is quite good, dark tan in color, fat lacing streaks which stick well. Fully opaque black liquid, difficult to judge if clean or filmy, random bubbles furtively break the surface. There is roast to the nose yet the main component by far is creamy milk chocolate, then enough butterscotch, caramel and coconut custard to evoke German chocolate cake, now and then you get the leafy herbaceousness and mixed white citrus, ends with a whiff of fried bacon and fat, smells closer to a Schwarzbier than IPA. Light to medium-bodied, while firm there is no lack of carbonated creaminess. That milk chocolate wastes no time slathering the palate. Follows up with licorice, caramel, and pine notes. Indistinct black fruits murmur quietly. Smokiness and roast mostly present during the finish and retronasally. The hops maybe a bit more aggressive here but overall the beer could use a refreshing spine. That said, plenty drinkable although the general sweetness might keep you to one or two cans in a sitting.
3 out of 5