Cigar City Brewing
Jai Alai India Pale Ale (Aged On White Oak)
American IPA
12oz, 4-Pack
Eggshell white head, crests around two fingers, very uneven surface with a mix of bubble sizes, very nice retention and a large amount of heavy lacing streaks with inordinate stickiness. Hazy amber hued liquid, only a few bubbles visible, fat and lazy. The nose punctuated by green leafy matter, tobacco wrapper, tar, pulped oranges and tropical pineapple, mango to peach fruit scents, does not present a softening element such as caramel or honey, stays lean and stiff, and overall dissolves too quickly. Medium-bodied, while it has a good deal of foaminess to it the texture is dry and tacky if not gluey. Here too the oak seems to dry it out rather than add creaminess. Much more orange to pink grapefruit citrus and greater length in the papaya, nectarine, mango, pineapple fruit. There is tar, tea leaf and earth, less herbaceous with notes of oregano and basil. There's something about it which seems lacking in harmony, no glue to hold the pieces together. You don't want the last flavor to be like sucking on a chopstick. More interesting than enjoyable.
3 out of 5