Egads, Jon....say it isn't so.
As linked in WineTerroirist, JonBonne, one of the wine press's favorite punching bags, reflects on his red wine drinking thru the Winter:

For quite a few yrs now, Jon has railed against what he calls BigFlavor Reds. He was one of the early cheerleaders of the IPoB movement. He was a long-time adherent of light/lively/lower alcohol/C-M reds. reds that earn the disdain of Monktown attourneys ranting against the AFWE and are the darlings of all the hip Somms in BigCities.
Now...Jon is having some second thoughts and that maybe, just maybe, there may be a place in our wine world for reds w/ big/bold flavors. Though stopping short of calling for a return of BigFlavor Reds, he suggests there may be a place for wines like Trentino Teroldego, Amarone Valpolicella, Chateauneuf du Pape, Umbrian Sagratino....wines he labels as "Ferdinand wines"...wines that you can stop and smell the flowers over. Good grief...he even gives a backhand compliment to Turley Zins.
Anyway, I thought Jon's musings were rather interesting. FWIW.