Atlas Brew Works
Ponzi IPA
American IPA
District of Columbia
12oz, 6-Pack
Bright white head with substantial amount of dimples, really no more than a finger's worth, wispy lacing, no extended streaks. Hazy golden liquid, very consistently colored, meager display of bubbles. The nose is herbaceous in a dry manner, not really dank and wet, caramel, orange zest, unprocessed grains, witch hazel, just ripened apricot, peach, pear fruit scents, not close to tropical, airy and guileless, not a hint of aggression. Light-bodied with a subtle little tingle from the carbonation, clean here as well albeit tends to run on the sweet side and avoids presenting a bitter profile. Here the mango, guava comes there to deepen the preexisting apricot, peach flavors. More pine and certainly an uptick in orange, tangerine citrus too. Caramel lingers most at the end. Minor hoppiness, some dry burn on the back of the mouth roof. Tempted to call it nondescript but wouldn't mean it as an insult. It is simply an agreeable brew meant to please an array of palates and if one accepts this premise it succeeds.
3 out of 5