Two Roads Brewing Company
Honeyspot Road IPA (Unfiltered IPA With Wheat)
American IPA
12oz, 6-Pack
Finger worth of bone white foam, bright and shiny, mostly even surface with average retention, forms nicely long and unbroken lacing streaks. The liquid is cloudy with a fine silt to it, no beads but the bubbles lift aggressively, the yellow color looks muted or washed out. Very good lift to the nose, big floral bouquet, more wheat and grains than bread, blends in lemon peels, white pepper, black tea leaf and marijuana notes, the apricot, apple, pear fruit scents a decided afterthought. Medium-bodied with a foamy mouth entry which has you recoiling a touch, no prickle to the carbonation. More pine here to accompany the florality and the lemon citrus both sweet and sour. Much fruitier here with mango, guava flavors as well as peach, apricot, sort of comes out of left field. Honeyed as well, the grains seem sweet rather than raw. Does finish clean if heavy and thus losing freshness. Easy drinker with moderate complexity, definitely a summertime beer, meant for warm afternoon enjoyment. Could stand a bit more intensity of purpose.
3 out of 5