Cigar City Brewing
Guayabera Citra Pale Ale
American Pale Ale
12oz, 4-Pack
Full two finger head, eggshell white, the surface is even but the lack of density has the head simmer off quickly creating more unevenness, the lacing lacks stickiness. Deep golden hue with a warmly glowing orange core, hazy to the point of semi-opacity, only a few tiny bubbles drifting around the glass sides. In the nose there's an immediate hit of unprocessed grains, peppercorns and tilled earth, sort of raw and rough, moderates into juicy pink grapefruit and ripe peach, nectarine to mango fruit scents, buttered biscuit, interesting changes as it warms some. Full-bodied with a creamy foaminess which has it filling the mouth. Reversal here, starts off sweeter with honey, cocoa powder and general malts before veering into herbaceousness, pepper, tea leaf and sour lemon to tangerine citrus. At times conjures the idea of quinine or mineral water. The pineapple, papaya, nectarine, peach fruit more or less consistent throughout, more present at the start because of the increasing dryness. Could drink two or three in a sitting if ice cold but after that the bitterness would dull your palate.
3 out of 5