1. 2015 Viberti, "La Gemella" (the twin), Barbera d'Alba. Retail: $14.99. This is a tasty Barbera with typical crisp acidity and fresh red fruits like cherry. It was just as good the second night. Grade: solid B/B+.

2. 2015 Tinazzi, Aglianico (Puglia). Retail: $10.99. Wanted to try this since we brought it into the store a few weeks ago. My first Aglianico from Puglia, of all places. The wine is ok with plummy fruit and good acidity, but it has that tell-tale "Puglia" nose that is best described as if the grapes were roasted in a coffee roaster before crushing. Is it a heat thing, or a soil thing? I don't know, I kind of like it in a Salice Salentino/Copertino/Primitivo di Manduria, but in Aglianico? Not so much. Grade: B.

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