Empire Brewing Co.
Black Magic Stout (Nitrogenated Irish-Style Dry Stout)
Irish Dry Stout
New York
12oz, 6-Pack
An aggressive pour yields virtually no head, a thin surface dusting at best, the lacing fares slightly better with a long thin streak left behind once you tilt the glass. Pure black liquid, completely impenetrable, curiously you can see a mass of bubbles clinging to the glass bottom, clearly they did not want to let go and rise to the surface. Heavily roasted nose, smoky as if a Schwarzbier, charcoal, coal tar shampoo, bitter dark chocolate, coffee grinds, toasted barley and grains, no fruit present at all, has nice lift and not at all heavy in the nostrils. Light-bodied, the arch dryness saps more body out of it. Close to no carbonation, flattens the mouth feel. More of the same roast here, the dark chocolate a touch sweeter with chicory, creamed coffee and grainy malt notes, maybe a smidgeon of caramel. Here to no fruit to speak of, does leave a residue of charcoal and campfire wood behind. The smokiness is pleasing enough but it could stand to be supported by more resonant chocolate flavors. Smooth enough but nothing here compels you to consider opening a second bottle.
3 out of 5