Stillwater Artisanal Ales
Insetto (A Dry-Hopped Sour Ale With Italian Plum)
American Wild Ale
4-Pack, $8.99
Average finger worth of loose foam, plenty of larger bubbles popping across the surface as it sizzles away to a thin surface dusting, initially there's a few nice lacing splotches but they have no stickiness. The liquid has a haziness to it, likely from puree particulate, very odd coloration as if the purplish plum pulp gave the orange base hue a purple tint, strong glow throughout, any bubbles spread out, no beads. The plum bursts through the nose, stiffening and sour, touch of honey, pie crust, iron flecks, vinous and medicinal, scorched earth sort of funkiness, were it a wine you might say it shows signs of volatile acidity, interesting but sure to put off some. Medium-bodied and closer to light, clean and acidic, electrifies the pallet. More quinine, mineral and witch hazel notes, the plum here to dominant with supporting grapey vinosity. The carbonation is not high but better than expected and matches the overall body well. A bit of graininess in the background. The honey touch from the nose comes off more as corn syrup here. Perhaps a shade of white grapefruit but not clearly distinct. On the whole it's a good drink, if monochrome.
4 out of 5

Edited by Marc Hanes (03-18-2018 15:22:16)