Smuttynose Brewing Company
Rocky Road (Stout Brewed With Cacao Nibs & Marshmallow Creme And Aged On Oak Chips) (Big Beer Series)
Milk/Sweet Stout
New Hampshire
22oz, Single
Aggressive pour gets you maybe a finger of very dark brown foam, strong island of larger bubbles at the pour point, retention is decent giving how little there was to start with, broad if short splotches for lacing. Pitch black liquid, cannot see anything, no visible bubbles and not even a hint of orange or yellow at the rims. Confectionary nose of vanilla, milk chocolate, caramel with a mildly burnt molasses touch, any marshmallow not especially distinct, no fruit presence, the roast and booziness lingers most. In the mouth it's medium, not quite full-bodied with low carbonation. Here the roast is greater even as it seems sweeter too. Cereal grains and barley, a quiet hoppiness in the background. Whipped cream, vanilla fudge, heavy cream and loads of chocolate with a solid dose of coffee roast to help dry it up. While dry the texture is sticky and it clings to the pores, not all that freshening. Releases well at the finish, which could just as well be interpreted as losing grip. In the end, neither too sweet nor dry, the roast helps as an organizing principle. Nothing unique sticks out about it but pleasant enough.
3 out of 5