Tried these two whites over the weekend:
1. RogueVine WW ItataVlly Grand Itata Blanco (12.8%;; Old Bush Vines plnted in 1920's; 55% Moscatel/35% Riesling/10% Chard) LosAmigos/Concepcion/Chile 2016: Pale gold color; slight herbal/earthy/dusty very unclean/fecal/reductive/Kansas outhouse that clears slightly to mostly earthy/little fruit nose; soft quite earthy/dusty slight herbal/coarse bit fecal/Kansas outhouse/unclean no fruit bit tangy/metallic flavor; med.short soft bit stony/chalky rather earthy/dusty bit herbal/grapefruity some unclean/barnyardy/Kansas outhouse finish; a rather unattractive white way too unclean. $17.00 (KK)
2. Cuilleron Viognier LesVignes d'a Cote IGP: Collines Rhodaniannes (12.5%; NeilRosenthalImports) YvesCuilleron/Chavanay 2016: Light gold color; strong pear/peach/Viog/bit spicy rather quiet pleasant nose; lightly tart ripe pear/ripe peach/Viog slight mineral/chalky/spicy fairly attractive flavor; very long/lingering Viog/ripe pear/peach bit tart/tangy spicy finish; a quite pleasant expression of Viog but a Jr.Condrieu it is not. $28.40 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. RogueVine: With the cepage of this wine, I was expecting a quite aromatic white. Somehow, they managed to beat that down and replace it was odors wafting from a ripe Kansas outhouse on a hot Summer day. After two days of breathing in the open btl, most of that fecal character left the wine, to be replaced by a mild/shallow aroma of mango & vague white fruits. Still the coarseness of this wine made it not very attractive. What should have been a high-toned fragrance was simply a dullard of a nose.
2. Cuilleron: Yves standard AC Rhones are typically quite good, if a bit on the pricey side. His wines from the CollinesRhodaniannes, though more reasonably priced, not so much. I've been consistently disappointed by the Viog and find the Marsanne much more to my liking.

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