With the new Massican offer out (Massican.com), thought I'd dip back into the archives:
1. Massican annia NapaVlly WW (54% TocaiFriulano/33% RibollaGialla/13% Chard; 12.4%) DanPetrowski/Calistoga 2011: Med.gold color; slight nutty/toasted hazelnuts/oxidative rather fruity/floral/spicy/cardamon slight roasted pineapple bit earthy somewhat complex nose; quite tart light nutty/hazelnuts/oxidative light floral/dried carnations/spicy/cardamon slight cotton candy slight tangy/bitter/metallic light earthy complex flavor; very long bit nutty/oxidative/roasted hazelnuts light floral/carnation/cardamon/spicy bit tangy/metallic/bitter quite tart finish; some like an aged Friuli RG; lost a lot of that bright/vibrant fruit but has developed some quite interesting secondary characteristics. $29.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Though I rather liked this wine for its very interesting character, it was still a bit of a puzzle from what I was expecting. It had a distinct oxidative (as opposed to oxidized) character, but in a pleasant/complexing way. Don't know if this was just an off btl, or that it is entering a strange phase, or that it is starting a downward death spiral?? Alas, my last btl, so may never know.

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