Tried this o'er the weekend:
1. NoisyWater Tighty Whitey White PinotGrigio (12.5%;; "a wine for the masses"; Gold: Finger Lakes International Wine Competition) JasperRiddle/Head Tighty Appreciator/Ruidoso/NM NV: Light yellow color; very light vaguely fruity/PG slight grapefruity/earthy rather bland/dull nose; off-dry (.5%-.8% rs?) soft/porky/flat slight metallic/tangy vaguely fruity/PG slight earthy quite bland flavor; fairly short soft/flat slight metallic/grapefruity off-dry vaguely fruity/PG finish; a pretty dull/bland/washed-out/underacid white that speaks of PG w/ a whisper; makes SantaMargarita taste like a GrandCruBurgundy; this is how FredFranzia would make PG in the MimbresVlly if he could; PG typically makes an unthrilling/non-distinctive white unless made as a Ramato; 3/4'th of the btl went down the drain; not a bad wine and not undrinkable but utterly boring to waste my alcohol consumption on; switched to a stunning Timarasso to finish the meal of steamed tofu. $20.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This is a new NM wnry located in Ruidoso, NM. The owner has a very successful T-Shirt shop and decided to branch out into wine production, in addition to "gourmet" food. They own 5 vnyds located in Dixon (near VivacWnry), in the RioGrandeVlly in Albq, and down in the MimbresVlly near Deming.
I had not heard of NoisyWater until several weeks ago when our local SFReporter wine writer wrote a column thoroughly taking the wines to task, something that's not often done in the wine press. Though the owner declares his intent to make wine fun for the "masses", he has probably the most ambitiously priced wines in all NM, ranging from the $40 up to $58/btl. Not sure the "masses" are going to be running out to buy those wines, but they piqued my interest.
Against my better judgement, I ventured into their SF tasting room this weekend. It was a tough slog of absolutely boring wines. MaryFrances was, indeed, right.
This TightyWhitey "fun" label depicts three guys, from the waist down, bulges quite obvious, dancing in their TightyWhiteys in front of a stack of barrels. Utterly tasteless. One local wine shop proprietor refused to put it on his shelf because he was embarrassed by the label. Ohhhh, well...I guess that's what it takes to make wine fun for the masses.

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