Tried this dessert wine at BBB last Thurs:
1. LaRectorie Cuvee LeonParce (Mute sur grains; 15.5%) 1999: Med.color w/ lots of browning & murky sediment; very ripe/overripe/pruney alcoholic bit portish some grapey/late hrvsty dusty/earthy rather complex nose; quite sweet rather portish/late hrvsty/fumey/alcoholic grapey/Grenache/alcoholic pruney/raisened some complex flavor w/ light drying tannins; very long late hrvsty/portish/alcoholic very overripe/bit grapey some dusty/earthy quite sweet/raisened finish w/ light tannins; still rather interesting but getting a bit long of tooth. $22.00/500 ml
A wee BP:
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Cuvée Leon Parce is a classic fortified Banyuls, the Grenache having been allowed to macerate for three weeks in the neutral alcohol (96 % abv), which is added fairly quickly to arrest the initial fermentation. This extended maceration, allied to the innate thickness of the Grenache skins, ensures a purity of structure and avoids any danger of confection.

Though pretty alcoholic/portish, it went well w/ the chocolate from ChocolateSmith.