New arrival at KoKo that I tried last night:
1. Giacomo Grimaldi Sauvignon DOC: Langhe (14%; GiulianaImports/Boulder; Ferruccio Grimaldi/Barolo 2016: color; very attractive ripe/melony/SB/mango slight earthy no herbal/SB rather aromatic nose; fairly tart/tangy/bit metallic ripe/melony/SB/mango/tropical fruit rather rich/lush light earthy lovely flavor; very long/lingering bit tart/metallic ripe/rish/lush balanced strong mango/melony/SB finish; plenty of ripeness & lots of melony character but the acidity to carry it off; has none of the herbal/vegetal character SB often shows; beautiful SB at a great price. $15.50 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. A Sauvignon (Blanc?) from the Langhe is pretty rare. Interestingly, there is no mention on their WebSite of a Sauvignon. So no idea where in the Langhe these grapes originated. This SB was as good as the best I've had from Friuli.