2014 Fleuriet Renaissance Sancerre Les Grandes Marnes

I just finished reading Dan Eagan's The Death and Life of the Great Lakes . A fascinating (and often disturbing) read, but one of the positive notes is the resurgence in the last few years of Lake Trout in the Great Lakes. So when I wandered up to the fish counter at the local Whole Foods and saw fesh, wild caught Lake Trout from Lake Ontario, I couldn't resist. Very different from, say, rainbow trout, I broiled it with olive oil, salt and pepper and it was just lovely. A meaty fish, it was buttery yet savory, probably a bit more delicate in flavor than rainbow. I served it with wild rice. So what wine to go with it? Sancerre was the answer. It worked big time.

A light golden yellow in color, the nose lovely with floral notes and lemon zest. Brilliant clear fruit on the plate, honey and lemon and thyme. Lovely, subtle acidity. The flavors coat the palate. Great minerality, but withoiut calling attention to itself. The finish is long and subtle, carrying the minerals and the honey note with it. Just a lovely wine and perfect with the trout. This is made from 30 to 60 year old vines and, to my surprise, sees 60% new oak -- but in very large barrels (3X the size of a Burgundy barrel). I don't notice the oak at all (and I hate over-oaked whites!), it just seems to soften the intense fruit a hair and round it out. Just a lovely wine. and it will go out another 5+ years easily. "A"