Tried this last night w/ leftover Cassoulet:
1. StCosme AC: Cotes du Rhone (14%;; 100% Syrah; Drk: now-2016) Louis et Cherry Barrual/StCosme 2011: Dark color; very strong blackberry/Syrah/boysenberry/ripe bit NRhonish/smoked meats/pungent/roasted some earthy/garrigue some complex nose; bit soft some garrigue/earthy/rosemary strong blackberry/Syrah bit peppery/roasted/smokey flavor w/ modest drying tannins; long some NRhone/smoked meats rather blackberry/Syrah/bit peppery some earthy/garrigue/herbal bit complex finish w/ some drying/astringent tannins; a pretty serious CdR but starting to dry out on the palate. $14.00
No BP on this one.