Interesting article, as linked by WineTerroirist, by JonBonne in Punch:
on Alt-Calif wines, made by alt-winemakers from alt-varieties.
It is, of course, writing like this that made Jon the favorite punching boy for mainstream wine writers and got him fired as wine columnist for the SFChron and run out of town in disgrace.
Not a read, though, for folks who cannot escape the Cab/Chard/Pinot paradigm of Calif wine.
Lot of familiar names and familiar varieties there for nut-cases like myself. A couple of serious omissions that Jon missed. In discussing Charbono, he overlooked the Benadants/ArbeGarbe Charbono, which may just be Calif's best Charbono. And absolutely no mention of BryanHarrington and his obsession for obscure varieties which has driven him over the edge.
Anyway, an interesting read, at least for me.
Tom (in his best stirthepot.gif mode)

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