Tried this last night:
1. FlegenheimerBros Out of the Park PetiteSirah McLarenVale/SA (15.6%;; EpicureanWines/Seattle) Imprimata/McLarenVale 2016: Black color; very intense chocolaty/very ripe PS/licorice bit alcoholic some toasty/vanilla/Am.oak light peppery/earthy slight herbal/leafy huge fruit nose; rather tart/tangy intense PS/boysenberry/chocolaty/licorice strong vanilla/Am.oak some earthy/peppery somewhat angular/structured rather atypical PS flavor w/ modest tangy/bitey tannins; very strong ripe/PS/boysenberry/chocolaty/chocolaty some vanilla/Am.oak finish w/ modest sharp tannins; lots of very ripe PS fruit & Am.oak but has structure and needs 3-6 yrs of age; quite an unusual expression of PS. $17.00 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Hardly ever see a PS from OzLand and never recall one from McLarenVale, so had to try this. From the color & intensity of the nose, I was expecting another Oz OozeMonster, fat & porky. Surprise...this was not. Had plenty of acidity, unusual for PS, and the structure to age.