Burial Beer Co.
Own Benefactor India Pale Ale (Collaboration With Carton Brewing Co.
American IPA
North Carolina
4-Pack, $13.29
Bright white head, close to two fingers with decent density although you see larger random bubble explosions across the surface, good retention, the lacing formed in thick streaks but not a lot of stickiness. The liquid has a translucent haziness to it, pale yellow color, almost dilute, offers a couple of bubble beads, reminiscent of a wheat beer. Extremely crisp and penetrating nose of fresh, leafy hops, cracked peppercorns, tar, black tea leaf, not until the penultimate moment does it veer towards pine, flowers or white pit fruit, leaves you nostrils feeling scrubbed raw. Full-bodied, creamier than you'd expect based on the nose and with fluffier carbonation as well. More balanced here with white grapefruit citrus more sweet than sour and amplified peach, apricot to melon fruit. The doughy, biscuity notes also tend towards sweeter. That said, the green leafiness prominent throughout and the earthy, tarry elements no less so. Does focus and get crisp through the finish and moderately bitter. Showed more complexity and length when allowed to get closer to room temperature. Lot going but doesn't get lost in the noise.
4 out of 5