Maine Beer Company
Woods & Waters
American IPA
16.9oz, Single
Pours a huge head that fills almost half the glass, bleached and brilliant white, the surface forms peaks and valleys as it settles, ornate web of lacing across the glass with excellent stickiness. Mild haze to the liquid but the yellow, worn gold color is so light that it is still fully transparent, offers one or two steady beads of bubbles. The nose is airy and breezy and at times drifts off before you have fully enjoyed it, no dankness but still leafy, plenty of pine sap, sweet mango, papaya, peach scents without a trace of heaviness, lilacs and lemon verbena, everything is gentle. In the mouth it's medium-bodied with a creamy entry that turns much crisper before the finish. Lemon, tangerine citrus, pine, coal tar, and a smattering of peppercorns creates a nice contrast between sweet and savory. The carbonation is prickly without distracting. Most grassy at the end and retronasally. Slight breadiness which is woven into the fabric. Here is it more straightforward apricot, peach to pineapple, a little too dry for full-on tropical. Most of its "wow" factor comes from the fact it doesn't aim at having any.
5 out of 5