Pisgah Brewing Company
GreyBeard IPA
American IPA
North Carolina
12oz, 6-Pack
Finger plus head, very frothy surface and craters easily, bone white, pretty good retention, the lacing forms a thin latticework against the glass. While hazy, the liquid overall is closer to transparent than translucent, dark gold to light orange in color, scattered and lazy bubbles. Sharp and angular nose of cracker, biscuit, black pepper, lawn grass and lemongrass, dried white grapefruit pulps, not much fruit just a smattering of withered pineapple, peach. Full-bodied, while generally creamy it is also so dry that there's minimal soaking in and it feels firm enough that you sense little fluidity. Hops, hops and more hops upfront, the malty creaminess really doesn't come with distinct flavors per se, light cocoa or buttered biscuit. Earthy and metallic, here the tangerine to pink grapefruit able to add a dollop of sweetness at the end. However, the pineapple, papaya to peach fruit attenuated and fleeting. It is distinct and honest in an unadorned manner. But the relative lack of fruit and citrus make it one dimensional, if still drinkable provided you like your IPA super dry.
3 out of 5