Southern Pines Brewing Company
Man Of Law American IPA
American IPA
North Carolina
12oz, 6-Pack
Pours a solid finger of eggshell white, pockmarked surface, retention is good plus, thick and extended lacing streaks likewise above average stickiness. Amber orange colored liquid, clean and transparent with a metallic sheen to it, miniscule bubbles spread throughout. Biscuity nose, pie crust, cocoa, heavy on the malts yet not without a good bit of leafy hops and earthiness, some pine needles and cones but not especially citrusy, the peach, apricot, mango fruit muddled. Lots of carbonation gets it swirling during the mouth entry, but overall tends to the heavier side of things. Sweet caramel, molasses and cocoa then earthy and tarry. Starts to turn more bitter as it moves forward, grapefruit pith, mown grass and tea leaf. Papaya, mango, apricot fruit flavorful without seeming juicy. Could stand to be crisper and possess quicker pacing across the palate. But it is clearly a softer, less bitter style of IPA with more malty sweetness than juiciness. Given its weight more than two in a sitting might be pushing it.
3 out of 5