Triple C Brewing Co.
Baby Maker Double IPA
American Double/Imperial IPA
North Carolina
16oz, 4-Pack
Light tan hued head, lots of dimples across the surface, close to two fingers deep, good stick to the lacing and decent breadth as well. Mild haze to the liquid, dark amber color, almost rusty, haphazard array of minute bubbles. The nose built on a foundation of dank herbs akin to forest floor matter, fallen pine cones and needles, all this mainly balanced out by caramel, brioche, pink grapefruit citrus and rich mango, pineapple, papaya scents, average staying power, credible enough. Full-bodied and firm, the carbonation provides more steady churn than prickle. Considerably sweeter here, the leafy herbaceousness most present during the mouth entry and then it's all juicy grapefruit, tangerine citrus and more of that mango, papaya, nectarine, and guava fruit. Has a sticky texture to it more than smooth fluidity. The malts smooth out the finish, buttered biscuit, caramel, cola bean. The floral side most expressive at the end too. No real burn noticeable, if you were served it blindly you would be hard pressed to peg it as a double IPA. Absolutely no problem with it but at the same time does not separate itself from an extremely large and crowded pack.
3 out of 5