Proidl, Weingut Familie
Kremstal, Austria
Dark golden hue that you could easily see heading towards amber in the near future, moderately clear but more so layered into the glass. Strong scent of rubber in the nose, wet stone but not especially minerally, even at this relatively young stage has a doughy, yeasty quality to it, pleasing floral perfume as it warms, the pineapple, green apple, peach fruit scents more sharp than juicy. Medium-bodied, immediately marked by a curious lack of acidity, no erectness to it. Vanilla and pie dough come on first, lightly honeyed with tangerine zest both sweet and sour. The pineapple, nectarine, peach fruit has more bite here but not necessarily more length. Here too increasingly floral at the end. Easy to like but this is not going to make old bones and arguably has already peaked. (Screwcap)
88 points