Swan, Joseph
Russian River Valley, California
Olivet Road
Washed out purple in the core, brick red than more watermelon red towards the rims, crystal clear throughout. There's a penetrating medicinal edge to the nose which is thoroughly distracting and verges on volatile, if you bull past it there's raspberry, red cherry, apple fruit, caramel, and pie crust as well as candied orange peel, releases some eucalyptus notes at the very end. In the mouth it's medium to lighter bodied with ill intentioned acidity that careens across the palate. White grapefruit to sour orange, menthol and witch hazel appear first. Things get drier and drier the more you sip, inhibits the flow of the strawberry, green apple, raspberry fruit. The primary material is all there but it's just, well kind of "arch" overall. Not sure if it was always like this or has dried out over the preceding years.
86 points